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How much space does the monitor have?

    Most stores only allow suppliers to enter their stores, and the display conforms to their store specifications. If you already have the specs for these stores, then you're fine. If you do not know that the store may have any restrictions or specifications, you should confirm with your contact. Most shops will limit they allow the type of products on the display space - let's face it - there is no limit to the number, some vendors bring a whole set of products and product type, so that the store device look small. You should be looking for some direction from the shops, such as no more than 24 inches x 24 inches placeholder area (the area), and display the total height of not more than 60 inches, including signs, etc. .. If you are entering a chain with your monitor, these specifications become more stringent and specific. Some chains may also need to build and approve prototypes before they start producing them.
    How many sku do I need? How many finishes are required for each product type?
    This question may or may not be an easy question to answer. Let's consider the number of sku you provide to the store. If your product is scented soap, you are selling it, and you have 24 different fragrances, which you currently offer. Shops can simply pick 12 different scents and say we start with them. If this is the case or something like that, then your decision is made for you. You have 12 skus to display. How many surfaces are there now? So now we start designing. Have you considered shipping containers? If 12 bar soap fragrance carton packaging and display can maintain 12 kinds of fragrance, so I want to show the absolute minimum would be each box 12 = 144 x 12 bar soap smell. Your ideal design should consider the denominator 144 and surround that number. Now consider a batch of 288 batches of soaps containing soap that have been shipped to a store with a popular display rack. Two boxes filled with 12 boxes of smell were placed on the monitor. 6 bars per face = 4 faces per scent. Try to consider future orders and change the ordering patterns as design evolves. If it sells well, the store might say, let the other 12 smells on the shelf and test with the original 12 smells. We have a veneer inside the monitor that can accommodate our various box sizes in order to work well when the order mode changes.


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