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The display should be one-sided or otherwise.

    The answer to this question will have a lot to do with the location and setting of the shop, which is considered by the popular display. First, if the monitor is placed against the wall, there is no problem on either side. If it is located in the middle channel, then as a two-sided display has quite a lot of advantages, because it can close from two directions, and not as a result of marching towards the back of the display stand personnel or through can only through the show please refer to the back of the plane.
    The decision to design a fixed monitor and a rotating monitor again will have an impact on the location of the display and the decoration and climate type provided by the store. The Spinner display can be dressed up as a high-end look for different combinations of materials, or you can use a lower-end convenience store look. If you have a wide variety of sku products, you may have no choice but to create a 3 or 4 surface if the number of your finishes is not up to the store's permitted size. Display screen. For example, almost every pair of sunglasses on the display stand is different, and each one needs to be displayed separately. Can you install 100 veneers to a single display rack in a limited space? Maybe... But not without some difficulty and confusion. Using a 4-sided unit, the appearance is cleaned and a very useful display is created. If this is a 4 surface fixed display screen, so either in stores around the entire device needs more space, so that customers fully select you need the product display or rotating screen.
    Should graphics be displayed on the monitor?
    If they're right, the graphics on the display are always a good thing. If the graphics quality is not the same or the quality is poor, it is difficult to sell high quality products. If you move around this statement, you can use a very good quality monitor and use graphics to increase awareness of product quality. Graphics are not cheap and often cost as much as the display itself. If the graphic design is not finalized, you will need the services of the professional designer to implement what you are looking for. Some suppliers do not want their monitors or graphics displays or graphics to be too blinding and disappear from the customer's view. On the other hand, in a store, the work and competition of the consumer and the display is very competitive, and the graphics are designed to attract the attention of potential buyers and send them to your products. Once they are presented, the product will have to work hard to complete the sales. A graph has many shapes and sizes. The most common is to display a sign at the top of the display so that even if other shoppers are between the product and themselves, passers-by can see the sign. Complete side or back graphics are often used to attract the attention of potential customers. The use of graphics also contributes to the use of seasonal or changing product types. If you have multiple products that vary with the seasons, you can use the same screen and change the graphics according to the seasons.


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