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Do I need the price channel or the promotion of price or product information

    Ticketing is a good idea if you want to be able to change something in your pocket or directly behind your pocket. If you're going to change the location of your product or product, it's going to be critical. Start with a gardening glove rack. If there are 12 different skus that have different prices, you may need a ticket channel or upc label with a separate price. If the display is seasonal, you can easily change the signs and graphics in the price channel to accommodate seasonal changes and continue to use the same store display and location.
    Now let's look at the soap display. If we have a soap display with 12 skus, but they all cost the same price, then a price position - even within the signage - is enough to satisfy the entire display rack. This eliminates some confusion and possible confusion and simplifies the design and manufacture of displays.
    How far will the monitor go? Should I consider a knockout and a solid building?
    One of the things you should always ask yourself at the design stage of the display is: how far does the device go? There are several reasons to consider this. 1) if it is a solid building, how does it deal with transit? 2) how much does it cost to ship the solid display and the combined monitor? 3) will someone put the monitor together at the site, and is it simple enough to ensure that it is safely put together at the store level? From these very simple questions you can see that you can think about it a little bit.
    Some displays are expected to be fully loaded before shipping, so they are ready to sell when they arrive at their destination. If this is the case, then it is not just the monitor that needs to be transported, but the display and the load of the goods being hit at the back of the truck to the final destination. More often, the goods are reinforced throughout the transportation process, so at least they are unloaded and loaded onto another truck during the trip.
    Another issue to consider is the number of monitors that can be comfortably installed on a skateboard if the display is solid. So many trucks will be able to load the truck. How much does it take for each monitor to use this information? Use a knockout unit to recalculate and use your savings to help determine the best style if you have a choice. That is) four trucks per truck show 48 trucks per van = 192 shows per cargo and $1580.00 per cargo. $1580.00/192 display = $8.23 per monitor. This is a given knockout unit with a solid display for a less expensive knockout style. Depending on the display style and design, solid displays are sometimes cheaper and more expensive at other times. There are more components to be processed and completed (that is, paint), which may increase the cost of collation. Packaging can be an extra operation, if it is a fully assembled solid display. Hardware, instructions, tools, and the considerations that ensure that all components of the display are correctly and fully packaged into the carton are considerations of combination display. As shipping costs become higher and higher, it is easier to make decisions by comparing solid structures.
    If we choose to design and manufacture combined-type displays, you need to ensure the ability of the field staff to put the unit at the store level. Some companies will have company representatives that can be displayed together. Other companies will have staff in the store to put the monitors together. Either way, the convenience of assembly is essential. Time is money, if a representative spends the whole day assembling or only one and a half hours - do you need one or two people? Do they need tools or everything in the box? If it is the shop assistant who wants to assemble the display, they will not easily accept the time-consuming assembly, which is not the property of the store itself. If it is too difficult, it may not be used or properly assembled. If it is not used, then all your time, money and hard work are useless. If the assembly is incorrect, it may be unsafe.


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