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The hidden cost of the exhibition display.

    1) the upfront costs when purchasing exhibits.
    In the past, your local display dealer had a monopoly on the display of the sales exhibition, and you can see that in the price. If you have only one dealer in your city, the price will be higher. But now, through the Internet and online shopping, people can buy online trade shows directly from manufacturers and bypass local dealers and his tags. Better yet, many trade show companies are selling on the Internet, and the resulting competition drives prices down further. Over the past decade, prices have fallen by more than 50 percent. Thanks to the Internet, there is now a wider choice of trade shows. Your local exhibition display dealer showroom is still good place to watch a variety of display forms and get creative, displays - there are some cheap cheap cheap display available, but "if it sounds too good to be true... "And" you get what you give "is still true today.
    2) long-term transportation costs of trade fairs.
    Not many people realize how many years from the show to the exhibition can add up. Before buying a new monitor, consider the number of shows you expect to attend each year, and consider how you plan to show new shows from the show. Shipping displays are one of the biggest hidden costs in the trade show business, and high oil prices are getting worse.
    Today's industry-standard "portable" trade show is an exhibition of "pop-up" shows invented about 25 years ago. It consists of an extensible aluminum truss working frame (many people also describe it as an accordion or spider web framework). It usually has Velcro compatible fabric panels or custom printed graphics panels. Pop-up displays in a 10-foot-wide booth space are usually packaged into a shipping container. The boxes usually weigh about 80 to 90 pounds (actual weight), but can weigh as much as 100 pounds. The dimension weight is calculated using the external dimensions of the container (length x width x height) divided by 196.
    3) other long-term costs (update, maintenance, extension) shown in the exhibition.
    In addition to shipping, there are three other long-term costs associated with trade shows, which are often not taken into account. They are updating your graphics, keeping the display, and adding or expanding the display in the future.
    Update graphics - one of the most important aspects of exhibition presentation is clear information, compelling graphics. If your information changes (or, for example, your company adds a new product), you need to change some or all of the graphics. If you can only reprint part of the image, or you have to change everything, and how much it costs, please find it in advance from the exhibition company. Once they attract your initial display, some companies will charge more to replace the initial sales price.
    Maintain your monitor - after the show, trade fair displays can be roughly handled in an emergency, while fedex and UPS don't always use kid gloves to handle goods. This is why the carefully crafted high-quality display screens are used to meet the strict requirements of trade fairs. You also want to know how to fix your monitor if something breaks. Some companies eliminate many concerns by offering lifetime warranties on their display frames - a good indicator of good products and reliable companies.


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