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The display is not displayed in the exhibition style.

    ? Desktop display
    ? The banner stand
    ? Portable display
    ? Pop-up display
    ? Backlight display
    ? Modular display
    ? Custom display
    A desktop monitor is used for small Spaces where there is enough space for a few tables. These displays are usually pleasant, streamlined, and can capture the audience's attention. Unlike before, when these displays are dull and smooth, you can use a different design of a desktop monitor, such as a three-screen monitor. With the right graphics, they give a 3D panel that looks very compelling.
    A banner bracket is usually a frame mounted on a bracket. These banner booths can be used to announce your company's presence at the entrance to the exhibition. When you need small items to show your company, it can also be used for booths. On the banner, elegant?? The correct graphics can tell you about your company and its products. A banner can be used as a stand-alone display or combined with a larger display setting.
    Portable display screens are designed for mobility. Panels that make up the display panels are usually removed and installed. They don't need nuts, bolts and screws to fix it. There are interchangeable parts, so you can customize them according to different Settings. A pop-up exhibition is the ideal choice for a small booth, and you can take it with you when you go to other cities for the exhibition. They are versatile because they can be folded into small boxes and easily transported. When opened, the pop-up window can be modified to different designs, and each time you can see a new look. Making the right choices depends largely on your budget, the number of shows you plan to attend, and the image you want to present to your customers and competitors.


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