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A key factor to consider when planning a computerized Christmas light display.

    Plan your monitor on paper - it's a good idea to draw a monitor on paper. Study the different elements you want to show and arrange them in a chart. This will let you know how your monitor is viewed by the visitor. You also need to draw the running line of the extension cord and all cables to avoid any danger or trip hazards.
    2. How much power does your monitor need? - when creating any large monitor, the power supply is always a problem. By drawing a display on a piece of paper, you can get a good idea of the amount of light that the display requires. Read the manufacturer's label to see how many amps each lamp holder needs. You want to make sure that you have enough power and that you will not be in danger of fire or any other danger due to overloaded circuits. It is important not to overload any extension cord, socket or circuit breaker.
    Where can I buy your lamp? - the best time to buy a lamp is after Christmas. All your big department stores will have lights after Christmas. Wake up early on December 26 and find all these bargains. You will be able to buy your lamp at a 50% discount or less. If this is not a choice, the same department stores usually have the cheapest lights. They are not professional but will be used for residential display, and they are very cost-effective.
    Use a computer light controller - you need a computer and a Christmas lights controller. Several companies offer pre-installed circuit boards that allow you to animate the display. Do your research and find the company that you think is best for your needs. Each company also provides software compatible with its controller. All software products are user-friendly, and you can do it efficiently with a little practice.
    5. Synchronizing light performance with music - synchronization in software applications is by far the most time-consuming task. Each minute of a song will take 3 to 10 hours to properly synchronize. You can also create an animation window in your software that lets you know how your monitor displays in real life. You can apply a variety of different effects to your monitor. Such as flashing, fading, fading, flickering or intensity control are all powerful effects of increasing the display effect.


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