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Which rooms should have ceiling fans?

    Every room. According to your personal preference, any room can benefit from the installed ceiling fan. The more time people spend in a particular room, the better the ceiling fan will be. Used for loops, especially large rooms, and/or high and/or vaulted ceilings. People will like their favorite offer, but in the end any room is a good idea.
    What kind of fan does a particular room need?
    Ceiling fans usually have two sizes: the big room is 52 and the small room is 42. Many companies offer 30-36 inch ultra small room fans and 56-60 inch large and/or commercial fans. Currently the most common size is a 52-inch fan, which usually works in most rooms.
    I have a low ceiling. Do I need a 'hug' fan?
    The Hugger fan aims to provide the minimum distance between the ceiling and fan blades. This is ideal for a lower ceiling because it provides maximum clearance between the blades (and other parts of the fan, such as the lamp) and the floor. The disadvantage is that the distance between the blade and the ceiling is shorter and prevents a certain degree of circulation. No matter how high the ceiling is, the Hugger ceiling fan works better than the ordinary ceiling fan.


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